Cremation urns

Choose from an extensive range of urns, including simple scattering tubes, handcrafted artisan timber, and eco-friendly biodegradable options.

Scatter Tubes Raw 103

Scattering tubes

Our biodegradable cardboard scattering tubes come in three sizes, with a range of photographic images. These lightweight yet robust tubes will biodegrade naturally on burial or can be recycled.

Wooden urns

Wooden urns made by a local Christchurch business from solid timber or MDF. They come in different finishes, painted, lacquered, or finished with oil that brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

Hand-turned artisan timber urns

If you’re looking for something crafted for your loved one, we stock a beautiful collection of hand-turned urns made by a local Christchurch woodturner from local timbers. Every artisan urn is unique, and timbers vary depending on availability.

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