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To arrange a cremation, contact a funeral director who will make all necessary arrangements on your behalf no matter how simple or complex.

Recommendations for funeral directors

We have three excellent local funeral directors for you to choose from below. We regularly work with these locations.
Each has high quality services and are all members of FDANZ.

The Canterbury Memorial team is here for you Monday to Friday 9am-5pm on (03) 389 6282.
If the matter is urgent please call after hours on 021 982 618.

Discovering or hearing about a death is always a shock, even if it’s something you’ve been expecting. It can be hard to make decisions or know what to do.

If you do not feel up to taking the actions we’ve outlined above, ring us on (03) 389 6282 and we’ll put you in touch with a funeral director.

Sudden or unexpected death

  • Call 111 and ask for Ambulance. If there is no ambulance service where you live, ask for Police.

Death at home (expected)

  • Contact the person’s doctor if available or inform any palliative care teams.
  • Call a funeral director (see above options) to organise transfer and safe keeping of the body.
  • Inform whānau and friends for support.

Death at a hospital or rest home

  • The staff will arrange the medical details.
  • Call a funeral director (see above options) to organise transfer of the body and begin the funeral arrangements.

To arrange a cremation

Please contact one of the funeral directors listed above.

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