Online Death
Notification Service

After a death, one of the more arduous tasks is to close out all the relationships the deceased had with various organisations, such as the bank, Inland Revenue, Ministry of Social Development, Work & Income, Internal Affairs Passports Office. Soon this will also include insurers and telecommunication companies, councils and energy companies, Kiwi saver etc. MyTrove is a free service.


After a death it takes an executor an average of 52.1 hours to close down these accounts and typically two months to a year to wind up an estate from start to finish. MyTrove will reduce the administrative burden by grieving families, or lawyers by reducing paperwork, removing the need to visit multiple organisations that require essentially the same information, and allowing personal and offical death data to work together. The service is free for those notifying of a death.


On the myTrove website, you can also find reference links that will help with other relevant services, like how to close down a Facebook or Instagram account, LinkedIn accounts, check for unclaimed money at IRD etc.


You can do this yourself or if you prefer, you can have your law firm do it on your behalf.

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